Inspire something original.

Inspire Something.

Inspire a song for your cause that says it all.

So you’re looking for a great and memorable track which supports your mission, your charity, or your community enterprise? You need something which gives the message and which people who support your cause will want to engage with, something which inspires, and encourages them to buy in support? If you’ve done this type of thing before, you know that covering an existing track that already is in use can be complex. So why not bring together something new and cutting edge without having to go through all that paperwork?

This is where Songs That Help comes in.

Our writers have a strong background in writing, producing and distributing music for specific events, charities, and campaigns. We work with you to create meaningful and strongly-worded tracks with memorable sequences, riffs and colours, making your message clear. This is a service we can offer free of charge, at our discretion, for well planned and organised campaigns.

We can help your cause by licensing an existing song to your charity project, or by writing a track for your designated needs and distributing it effectively. We’re able to either use music which we have already written, or create new music to your remit based on sounds you like. There are various ways of doing this, some with very low costs, just to make sure you get your message across.  If you’re a singer, or know someone who can take part and give the track its character, so much the better. We can do the rest, and we can search from our bank of singers if you’re stuck! Depending on the project, we can provide the music freely, support some or all of the recording, and cover some distribution costs.

The Process

To start the process of narrowing down what sort of a song you want, you could do any of the following:

  • Listen to some of the whole tracks or samples we have produced in the studio and suggest if there’s something you like, that’s similar to what you’re looking for. So try and isolate sounds you enjoy, and styles that you think you would match the type of song you want to have created.
  • Suggest various known commercial tracks you like that you would like the new track to be like in style or idea.
  • Start putting down some ideas for words – for example, you could think of some important ideas for your song – will it be reflective, uplifting,will it tell a story? What effect do you want it to have on people?

When all these things have been considered, we can consider what we can support you with, and then start work on the new track. At this stage, you need to understand that this will be an entirely new track, not a cover version or anything. That doesn’t however, mean that it won’t be catchy and commercial. However, doing things this way may mean that your song gives the message you want it to.

Getting The Sound You Want

So to get a sound like what you want to achieve, we’ll work closely with you and your ideas, and we’ll need your lyric ideas. We’ll usually spend a couple of days on making the basic track, and some more time on developing it according to how you respond. Once the track is finished, we can discuss the royalties to be associated with the track.

Making The Product

At this point, you need to decide how you want to distribute the track and gain from it.
You may want to use it in marketing campaigns, have it performed live, have people buy CDs or MP3 downloads.