psychedelic. surreal. off-centre. irregular. unregulated. quirky. friendly. eccentric. in the moment. innocent

When I was young, I was sitting with my Mum watching a programme where there was dancing. I just remember her looking at them dancing and saying “Why do they all have to do the same thing?” Mum was left-handed, and well remembered the fear of being different.

I wasn’t left-handed, but my childhood was speckled with an inability to fit in. Whether it was because my family deliberately went its own way, or because they just had stronger self-belief, the net result was a feeling that it wasn’t wrong to differ from anyone else, you didn’t always have to agree with them to be friends with them. This is a revelation to many people.

Sykadelia, for me, is a belief that you are what you are, often without reason or a structure, or a name, or a limiting condition, and that people are not machines and are all slightly (or greatly) different. This means thoughts can arrive outside of a scientific or totally logical framework, and that they still have meaning, with or without words. I experience this belief in humour and agnosticism. It’s usually fun to create Sykadelia.