disharmony. inversion. reversion. revolutionary. innovative. genius. resequence. progressive. evolution. psychedelia. moment. flux. meeting. concensus. newness.

Music and  Sound Innovation.

With music, we can see that it’s a construct, and so breaking it down is self-explanatory. Music can already be inverted, reversed and created on different planes. When music is revolutionary, it is rarely uncomfortable for long, as it has a pattern or theme. The sounds which make it up can be new in a different way.  So the music of Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane are psychedelic in differing ways, sparking many much later  follow-ups.

Noochoon and innovative music

One very recent Floyd follow-up band released is Fluance. Fluance was largely created by Lane and Lane songwriters working with the renowned keyboardist, Duncan Mackay, and their first band release, “Lunacy”, was a mixture of soulful pop rock with the inclusion of highly atmospheric sound effects.

Innovation seems to be reducing in the music industry, but some modern electro bands still take their own direction – Henry’s Machine is in this grouping. The Henry’s Machine releases are a happy mix of pop electro, rap, reggae and rock.  Noochoon also provides a singular collection of tracks by Hookstick, a funk pop band with guitar and bass players emanating from heavy rock. In this instance, a combination of genres creates the newness.

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